COBI TOWER is going to be a promising destination that meets up all needs

A OFFICES (20.860m²)

  • Co-working Spaces / Start-ups
  • IT/Trade / Logistics / Retail
  • Banks / Financial Enterprises
  • Foreign Companies / Law Firms

MALL (9.837 m²)

This place will satisfy customers’ shopping needs and make the local trade market more vibrant.


Trustworthy and qualified language centers and professional academies will help to Vietnamese develop an international mindset.


The 3rd floor of COBI TOWER I will host a famous general examination center, hospitals and clinics to meet the needs of health care.


It will meet the changing tastes of Vietnamese consumers with rapid economic growth and catch up with new demands arising from a variable dining culture.


  • YOUTH Street – Stores introduced as distinctive famous restaurants
  • OUTDOOR Stage – Promotes visitors with regular performances


The first-in-town terrace café at outdoor in 4F of Towerll is an amazing place to relax with lots of open space and fresh air.